I started writing a blog on 25 March 2017. I had pretty much a lot of subjects to write about, from traveling, review places or products, anything relate to personal finance or just put anything that lingers in my head on the blog.  This unspecified subject, then brought me to create three blogs, which are:

They are all in the stage of progress. Means it will keep on changing about the site, while I am continuing to create its contents. A brief introduction about those blogs:

  • This & That

This blog is about a lot of things. About some stories told by friends/families/someone I know briefly/even from my conversation with stranger, thoughts that keep lingering in my head which sometimes couldn’t make me sleep, places I have visited, and more. One most important thing, in every writing, I try to always be as neutral as possible, not to judge about the people who has inspired me by telling their story and would never disclose who they are behind that story. Post about my thoughts, well .. it is about my opinion, anyone can have their own thought, right? I put it here to get rid it off from my mind (I hope), that is the main reason.

  • Seputaran Mengelola Keuangan Pribadi

This is more like an archive to me. About all stuff and tips relate to personal finance, banking products, shopping, etc. The objective is to collect and share any info that helps us to manage and spend our money in smart way. I also put the content of this blog into bleebloob.wordpress.com, so the first blog is the most complete one. But, to anyone who is only interested in personal finance, it will be more effective to just read dhuwitku.wordpress.com.

  • My Trip Pics

As it said, it is only about pictures/photos I taken from my trips. Maybe it will be more than that later.